I Am Filled With Love and It Will Carry Me Far

(I wrote this on Thursday, May 26, 2016.)

I had a crazy Wednesday.

On my way to Madison, Wisconsin, I had a layover in Chicago. The weather delayed us landing. And weather delayed us being able to deboard the plane. And weather delayed my connecting flight. Then it canceled my connecting flight. So I got on standby for the next flight. Which was delayed. And then canceled. So I got in line to find another flight. And I was in line for an hour and bored, and I decided to message random friends with compliments. And that’s how I sent messages to 60 people, some of whom I haven’t spoken to in years.

And then the nice lady at United airlines did her best and admitted that they were no available seats on any more fights tonight, but got me on standby for one flight the next morning, and a guaranteed seat a few hours after that if the standby didn’t come through. So I got a hotel room because I didn’t want to sleep at the airport. Even though my luggage is currently in some sort of baggage claim limbo and will eventually be sent on to Madison when a connecting flight is ready to leave.

I could be stressed. I could be angry. I could be in tears. But instead, I just have love. Love for the people in my life. Love for my pets. Love for the people who’ve made me the way that I am. Love for the people who can’t or won’t love me back. Love for the people who tell me they love me. Love for the people who can’t tell me they love me. Love for the people who don’t love me. Love is my superpower.

This is a hard world. We need to keep working at making it better. So many people are hurting. So many people are full of pain and anger and sadness. Use your power to heal, not harm.

I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. Or your race is. Or your gender identity. Or where you live. Or your faith. Right now I am just reaching out to you, human to human, and I am sending you love through that kinship.

I am filled with love, and it will carry me far.

heart filled with love IMG_8405

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