Compilation of Interviews, Streams, & Podcasts

I’ve put together a list of links to interviews and streams I’ve appeared on.

This doesn’t include the things I’ve posted on my (long-neglected) YouTube channel.

Ideally I’ll get these all in chronological order.

I’ll add more as I find them!

1997 SciFi Channel documentary Masters of Fantasy about TSR (I briefly appear at 11:11)

12/5/2006 Gnome Stew: Interview with Sean K Reynolds, talking about d20, game prepping, designing in a shared world, GMincg, and more!

2007 Monte Cook interviewed me about TSR and D&D, for an article on his website about D&D’s 30th anniversary

6/2/2013 Demiplane of Gaming: Episode #26 SKR

12/18/2013: Know Direction: Episode 75 with SKR (RPG Superstar)

10/8/2014 Demiplane of Gaming: Episode #50 SKR returns

2/16/2015 Louis Porter Jr.: Transparency Agenda with SKR (Pathfinder and game design)

8/13/2016: MCG Gen Con 2019: Instant Adventures with Monte Cook Games, GM’d by Monte

12/14/2016: Aethercon: D&D Legends with Stan!, Tim Kask, and SKR

8/17/2018: MCG Gen Con 2018: panel on How to Have the Best RPG Session Ever

1/31/2019 Cypher Unlimited: SKR interview

3/27/2019: Marlowe House: Insights and Inspiration featuring SKR (horror and Stay Alive!)

8/2/2019 Incantations: Episode 100 Invisible Sun chat with Darcy Ross and SKR

10/10/2019 Marlowe House: Insights and Inspiration—Horror and Consent

10/18/2019: MCG Gen Con 2019: Instant Adventures With Monte Cook Games, GM’d by SKR

11/23/2019 Rolling For Change: Consent in Gaming

2/13/2020 Cypher Unlimited: Horror Gaming and Stay Alive!

3/12/2020 Gen Con: Fireside with Peter Adkison, History of D&D with SKR

3/14/2020 MCG: Ptolus Live #1 with Chris Perkins, Bruce Cordell, and SKR

5/19/2020 MCG: Ptolus Live #2 with Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, Bruce Cordell, and SKR

8/7/2020 MCG: Gen Con 2020, An Evening With Monte Cook Games

9/6/20 Wandering DMs: From TSR to Monte Cook Games

11/8/2020: Lord Gosumba: Classic Greyhawk references with Bruce Cordell and SKR

11/19/2020 Cypher Unlimited: Ptolus, Godforsaken, Heroes of the Cypher System

11/30/2020 Gemstone Shards: Episode 052 Worldbuilding with SKR part 1, and part 2

12/7/2020 Manufactured Myth & Legerdemain: Roleplayer With a Thousand Faces

12/2020 Sky Hammer Press: SKR on Ptolus, Godforsaken, Superheroes, and More

12/10/2020 E.N. World: Heroes of the Cypher System with SKR

2/1/2021 On 307RPG, talking about the 5E and Cypher System versions of Ptolus

4/6/2021 Wyrd Edizioni: Sean K Reynolds on the Cypher System (questions in Italian, answers in English)

6/10/21 Ten Minute Table Top Talk with Daisy Darling about design, trying new things, and switching between systems

7/28/21 Cypher Unlimited about Stealing Stories For The Devil

8/9/21 Holy Happy Hour about Stealing Stories For The Devil

11/3/21 Cypher Unlimited about Claim the Sky, Planebreaker, and a bit on Ptolus, Numenera, and the Cypher System in general

11/22/21 WIRED article about working conditions at Paizo, and my article with everything I said to the journalist (most of which didn’t end up in the article)

10/6/22 Cypher Unlimited with MCG’s Javier Beltran talking about The Weird and The Glimmering Valley

10/22/22 A short (ha!) video with Cypher Unlimited at GameHole Con talking about Stay Alive! and Claim the Sky.

11/13/22 On Lord Gosumba’s channel with cartographer Anna B. Meyer, talking about Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and 3E D&D!

1/10/23 On the Think Like A Game Designer podcast with Justin Gary, talking about design theory, writing for publication, finding creative inspiration, and working with writers who have different styles.


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