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My Damn Decision

I’ve been focusing on gaming so much these past few months that I haven’t been posting about social issues on my blog. It’s time to make up for that. Given that America (and the world) continues to have a lack of understanding about sexual consent and respect for women’s bodies, I’m reblogging this haiku poem called…

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Paizo Deity Article Easter Eggs

  Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting easter eggs about the various god articles I wrote for the Paizo adventure paths; this info appeared on my Facebook fan page and Twitter, but just in case you don’t read those, I’m reposting them here. 2/5 Abadar: The planar ally Ghost of Malthus is based on…

Dollar Bill

Interesting Kickstarters, Feb 17 Edition

Some cool kickstarters! (I’m a backer!) Starr Mazzer—a fun little video game with some voiceover talents who are friends of mine Alphabeast Soup—a kooky little book by Andy Hopp Bad Bandana 2 Pixels on a Rampage—who doesn’t want a bandana with pixel video game art? Numenera: Strand—Adding features to the Numenera short film Remember, even contributing…

Designer Talk

President’s Day Video Chat Feb 16 10pm ET

I’m doing a video chat with Louis Porter, Jr. in about 30 minutes on Google+, here is the link! There will be an open question portion and I’m on cold medicine right now so I’ll have no filter and the answers will probably be very interesting… Update: The video chat is over! You can watch…

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A Song About D&D, Sort Of

You’ve probably heard the song “Closing Time” by the band Semisonic. I saw them open for Barenaked Ladies once, and at that show they also performed a song called “DND,” which is obviously about hanging a “do not disturb” sign on a hotel room door. But they say “DND” a lot, and it sounds like…

Designer Talk

Designer Talk: The Original Darkvision Rules

One of the challenges the 3E designers faced was what to do with infravision, which is a really buggy design concept. The 3E team finally decided to scrap it and create a new sense: darkvision. An early version of darkvision for 3E worked much like a bat’s echolocation. However, I had a talk with the design team…

prototype cover art for Goody White's Book of Folk Magic

Goody White’s PDF is on sale

Back in August 2014, I kickstarted a little book called Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic, which has Goody White explaining (in-character) a bunch of “folk remedies,” which are then presented as PFRPG spells, witch hexes, and rituals that even non-spellcasters are able to learn. Last month, I sent out PDF copies to the kickstarter backers.…

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Five Moons Pre-Alpha Playtest

I’ve put together a very short “pre-alpha playtest document” (basically a couple of variant chapters for 3e) over at the Five Moons blog. If you like, take a look at it over the next week or so and run/play a game session with it. Thanks!