Gen Con: Jodi and her Amiri costume

Reminder! Jodi is dressing up as Amiri (Paizo’s iconic barbarian) at Gen Con! If you see her, ask to get your picture with her. Post your pics on the Paizo boards, or on Facebook, or Livejournal, or whatever! preview of Jodi in her costume

My dad, Charles E. Reynolds, 1939-2010

A few weeks ago my dad started having problems with his abdomen. Last week he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was scheduled to go to the oncologist today, but my mom found him unconscious this morning, and they weren’t able to resuscitate him at the hospital. He died around noon today. I don’t have…

I’m back!

I’m back from Indiana! It was a great visit! She is visiting me in Seattle after she takes her LSAT at the end of the month! I’m sure I have much to do at the office! That is all for now. :)