Some Hellknight minis!

Painted some of these up for my Bastards of Erebus playtest campaign, then thought I’d round out a few more and ebay them as a group along with a signed copy of the adventure. No, they aren’t official Hellknight minis, they’re minis I had on had which I painted for use in the playtest. just…

Catching up, treant mini

Yes, I’m blogging a lot tonight, catching up on some old emails…. Here’s a cool treant and young-girl-druid from Pulp City, technically they’re modern minis but I don’t see anything on them that would be out of place in a fantasy setting. link

Minis for Marvel Superheroes

I know there are plastic clickbase minis for Marvel and DC, but the guys in the second picture from this link rebind me of the funny-hat mooks from Advanced Idea Mechanics. link

Those crazy French… miniatures manufacturers

There’s this French group of sculptors (maybe theyr’e a company? not sure) called MAOW Miniatures. They make minis. Their minis are cool (actually the three French minis companies I know of all make really cool minis). These guys, however, have taken it to the next level. They also do crazy monster dice. If mimics had…